The Cell Phone: An Anthropology of Communication by Heather A. Horst

By Heather A. Horst

The e-book lines the influence of the cellphone from own problems with loneliness and melancholy to the worldwide matters of the fashionable economic system and the trans-national relations. because the expertise of social networking, the cellphone has turn into primary to constructing and keeping relationships in parts from faith to like. The mobile phone offers the 1st specific ethnography of the influence of this new know-how during the exploration of the mobile phone's function in daily lives.

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The Cell Phone: An Anthropology of Communication

The booklet strains the effect of the mobile phone from own problems with loneliness and melancholy to the worldwide matters of the trendy financial system and the trans-national kinfolk. because the expertise of social networking, the cellphone has develop into primary to developing and preserving relationships in components from faith to like.

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Here our aim is to strike a balance between the various literatures. While we are committed to development concerns, and the generalizations that are imposed by the terms and categories employed both in that literature and that of media studies, we also bring a sensitivity to the perspectives of the Jamaicans we encountered within our ethnography. 13 As non-Jamaicans, we remain very conscious of the problematic issues of power and the false goals of pure objectivity or, indeed, subjectivity, that are implicated in one of the most powerful evaluative terms used by Jamaicans, that of ‘respect’.

What could be called the prehistory of telecommunication ended only around 1987, when areas such as Orange Valley, the site of our rural ethnography, possessed one rather dilapidated public phone box and seven business phones within the town proper; this situation did not improve until the mid-1990s, when landlines were installed within many of the households in the main town. Comparing the telecommunication situation between 1993 and 2003, the area went from an almost complete absence of phones to comprehensive access.

C&W also hoped that investment in philanthropy would become the explicit and recognized arm of what they felt was an unappreciated investment in the country’s infrastructure. In 2003 C&W gave out $JA200 million in sponsorship, which included a C&W foundation that supported various philanthropic activities aimed at education, such as a school website competition, and a wide range of sports and cultural events. The problem was whether philanthropy and sponsorship, which made them one of the most high-profile companies in Jamaica, could compensate for long-standing antipathy.

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