Stalked. Every Woman's Nightmare by Chris Smith

By Chris Smith

What began as a courting of infatuation becomes anything much more sinister as a tender girl is pursued to the very fringe of her sanity. Even friends and family can not help her get away the stalker because it quickly turns into transparent that her tormentor is a serial stalker who can't cease causing worry and terror upon his sufferers.

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Dad! ’ Libby called after him. ‘Not really, no,’ came his reply. ‘Think about it Libby: no sensor light, no bloody boyfriend in the backyard. You’re stressed. ’ Libby slammed the glass doors closed, locking the clasp tight and leaving the outside light on. She stormed back into her bedroom, slamming the door. She fell onto her bed and began sobbing, her face firmly buried in the pillow. She cried herself to sleep. 2 PREDATOR It was eight o’clock in the morning and Libby was standing at the counter of the North Sydney Police Station, in pursuit of Senior Constable Haddock.

He’s stalking me. The word exploded into her consciousness. This was stalking. It was not merely a case of making her scared; she was being stalked, like she’d seen in those tele-movies and, once or twice, on the television news. She’d read how it had led to assaults and even murder. She remembered the row in the newspapers recently about laws designed to stop stalking, to prevent these personal campaigns of terror developing into violence. She was now more frightened than ever—and overheating, wet with fear.

She switched to find something more palatable and came across a familiar flick—just what she needed. An hour passed and during a commercial break, Libby went into her bedroom and turned on the lamp. Those creaking floorboards seemed loud tonight and she vowed to prune that frangipani, which scraped repeatedly against the window of her bedroom. She opened the drawer of her side table, found her nightie and laid it across her bed. Closing the blinds at the front window, she noticed the dimly lit trees in her front yard swaying with the breeze.

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