Demolishing Mr. Perfect by Ashlyn Chase

By Ashlyn Chase

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Take it off and I’ll wash it. ” Natalie quickly removed her gloppy red sweater that was previously pink and handed it to him. He rinsed it off in the sink, then put it in a large plastic bag. “I’ll wash up here while you’re doing that, Shane. ” “Thanks. I appreciate that. ” She glanced down further and found that her pants leg had also been hit. “Oh no,” she groaned. ” She unzipped her pants and let them fall to the floor. “I’m really sorry, Shane. I didn’t know the top would blow off like that.

Score another one for long cocks. Before they fell asleep, they had “the talk”. The one a couple has when they want to know about their partner’s sexual history when they run out of condoms. Crusher donated blood every eight weeks like clockwork. Natalie knew for a fact, the Red Cross tested all blood donations thoroughly and since he hadn’t had sex for several months he was clean. Natalie hadn’t had sex for several months either and with most of her partners being paranoid, even though she was on the Pill and her donor-partners had been tested, they used condoms anyway.

Well come out here and turn around. ” Natalie took a few steps, turned and headed back toward the bathroom, but not before she noticed how beautifully it flowed around her body and how fabulous she felt in it. Why was he buying her clothes, anyway? Did he think she didn’t have any because she wore uniforms everyday? And why did she have to wait to open a boxed dress? He had her thinking it was lingerie. Liz grabbed her arm. ” Natalie looked down and sighed. “I know. ” Liz nodded. “We’ll think of something.

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