Cultural Anthropology: An Applied Perspective by Gary Ferraro, Susan Andreatta

By Gary Ferraro, Susan Andreatta

Discover cultural anthropology in an utilized and interesting means with Gary Ferraro and Susan Andreatta's CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY: AN utilized point of view. this modern textual content is extremely correct to cutting-edge scholars and offers you the entire key fabric you would like in your introductory direction. With real-world functions of the foundations and practices of anthropology, this e-book can help you learn how to savour different cultures in addition to your personal and to use what you discover ways to events on your own existence. try out the real-life examples of cross-cultural misunderstandings and matters (in well known "Cross-Cultural Miscues" good points) to view "culture at work." additionally, the e-book takes a glance at really expert vocabularies resembling "chickspeak" (the language of unmarried, city, upwardly cellular ladies) and modern issues akin to the warfare in Iraq and environmental degradation.

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Making a living in the Arctic is difficult at best, and the necessity of feeding an extra mouth, especially when there is little hope that the individual will again become productive in the food-procurement process, would mean that the whole group would suffer. It is not a question of Eskimos not liking old people, but rather a question of what is best for the entire group. We would not expect—and indeed we do not find—this practice to exist where there was adequate food to support those who were not able to contribute to the hunting effort.

Among the many practical (non-academic) careers opening up to cultural anthropologists today is new product developer hired by design firms. Research and design firms, which develop new products, are actively recruiting anthropologists to help them gain deeper insights about their customers through ethnographic research. S. families during breakfast time [National Association of Practicing Anthropologists (NAPA) website 2008]. Her research not only has shed light on new ways of thinking about food consumption in the mornings, but has also led to the development of a wildly successful new breakfast food product.

Through the process of contrasting and comparing, we gain a fuller understanding of other cultures and our own. In this regard, the study of cultural anthropology can enhance personal development. Some students claim that their exposure to other cultures gives them a new perspective on both the world and themselves. For example, many traditional university undergraduates are undergoing their own rite of passage into the intellectual and social world of adulthood at the same time they are reading about how people in other cultures are experiencing their own personal transformations.

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