Cultural Anthropology, 9th Edition by Serena Nanda, Richard L. Warms

By Serena Nanda, Richard L. Warms

Construct your personal information of cultures all over the world with CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY! Emphasizing the problems of gender, stratification, ethnicity, globalization, and the similarities and changes between all cultures, this anthropology textual content provide you with the instruments you want to be triumphant. benefit from CengageNOW, which saves you time and complements your functionality within the path via Pre-Tests, custom-made learn Plans and Post-Test fabrics.

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Medical anthropology draws upon social, cultural, biological, and linguistic anthropology to better understand those factors that influence health and well-being. It is concerned with the experience of disease as well as its distribution, prevention, and treatment. Medical anthropologists adapt the holistic and ethnographic approaches of anthropology to the study of both emotional and physical illnesses in complex societies. Modern biomedicine tends to regard diseases as universal entities, regardless of their contexts.

Traditionally, societies are thought of as occupying a specific geographic location, but modern transportation and electronic communication have made specific locales less important. Societies are increasingly looked at from a global rather than a local perspective. As Chapter 4 will show, culture is an extremely complex phenomenon. Culture is the major way in which human beings adapt to their environments and give meaning to their lives. It includes human behavior and ideas that are learned rather than ge- 7 © Olivier Asselin/Acclaim Images Anthropology and Human Diveristy Cultural anthropologists describe and analyze current day cultures.

The latipsoh ceremonies are so harsh that it is phenomenal that a fair proportion of the really sick natives who enter the temple ever recover. Despite this fact, sick adults are not only willing but eager to undergo the protracted ritual purification, if they can afford to do so. No matter how ill the supplicant or how grave the emergency, the guardians of many temples will not admit a client if he cannot give a rich gift to the custodian. Even after one has gained admission and survived the ceremonies, the guardians will not permit the neophyte to leave until he makes still another gift.

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