Crown Against Concubine by N. H. Merton

By N. H. Merton

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E. in the presence of solar activity. As far as the steady-state situation is concerned one knows that there is a force of gravity at every point of the sun which tends to contract the sun, and also that there is a gas pressure which tends to expand the sun. The force of gravity and the gas pressure have to balance each other to maintain equilibrium. The stable situation has remained for billions of years, and the size of the sun and its brightness have been essentially unchanged. In 1960 an oscillation of the sun with a period of 5 minutes was discovered.

Einstein often made reference to Galileian reference frames. Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was one of the creators of modern mechanics. He introduced optical tubes in astronomy in 1609. By means of new instruments he brought a revolution to the observations and was himself the first to observe solar spots in 1610, satellites of Jupiter and the phases of Venus. He lived and worked in Arcetri, situated on a hill with a beautiful view over the city of Florence, where there was an impressive museum of science and technology, not to mention other museums and the Uffizi galleries.

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