Criminal Justice in the Pre-colonial, Colonial and by Peter O. Nwankwo

By Peter O. Nwankwo

This e-book advances Frantz Fanon's two-revolutionary idea of decolonization and analyzes the adjustments in legislation through the pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial eras. the writer argues that Fanon's version of colonial oppression and its different types of upkeep wishes are predictive of the evolution from pre-colonial to post-colonial society in Africa.

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The Law Enforcement Agencies such as the police, courts, and correction or prisons, are primarily charged with these responsibilities. It is noted that when processing the accused, through the criminal justice system, governments must operate within the framework of laws that protect individual rights. The pursuit of criminal justice is, like all forms of “justice,” predicated on “fairness” or due “process” which is essentially the pursuit of an ideal. qxd 11/3/09 3:12 PM 6 Page 6 Chapter One reforms.

The principle behind this Igbo kola culture is that the nut cannot be broken without saying prayers or incantations by the eldest in the gathering. This gave rise to the proverb ‘He who brings kola brings life’, because in the kola nut prayers, by the elderly. ” Not only do the Ibo say prayers before the breaking of the kola nut, but no traditional Ibo would drink or eat without sharing at least, with the ancestors. E. Elochukwu Uzukwu acknowledges that the “kola nut [as] a symbol of life and commensality which is never omitted in the morning cult, is broken.

Beecroft on behalf of the Queen of England. The three major goals of the treaty were to abolish the slave trade, to encourage legitimate trade, and to protect Christian missionaries. To ensure compliance with this treaty, a vice-consul was appointed for Lagos and the Bight of Benin. By this appointment, Lagos, according to Elisa, separated from the oil rivers (the River Niger, Benue, Bonny, Antonio, and Cross Rivers) until 1906. Akitoya was determined to honor the treaty, but revolted under the leadership of Kosoko.

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