Criminal Incapacitation by William Spelman

By William Spelman

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8) produces a complicated mess, but the effects of weighting are fairly simple. 1. Sample probabilities decrease over time, especially for frequent offenders. , q, and J increase. So an incoming cohort sample will be unrepresentative of active street offenders in three ways: • The incoming cohort will include a larger proportion of young offenders than are in the active offending population. • The cohort will include a higher proportion of serious, frequent offenders than the active population.

A few of the respondents seemed to have been considerably more confused than the average, and Chaiken and Chaiken suspected that they may have given 46 Chapter 2 systematically different answers to questions about offense rates and criminal activity. As it happened, this was generally not the case. For both Rand 2 and the Colorado study, correlations between measures of internal quality and offense rates were mostly small and insignificant. And when the respondents with the worst internal quality scores were removed, the distribution of X.

If a large proportion of respondents seemed confused or gave clearly inconsistent answers, then any results would clearly be suspect from the beginning. • External reliability questions focused on the consistency of respondents' self-reports of arrests and convictions with their official record. If the selfreports and official records were consistent, then respondents would presumably report their offenses accurately, as well. Although the results were generally favorable, these analyses did not answer all the important validity questions.

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