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When major hardware manufacturers run benchmarks, they approach the process scientifically in order to expose bottlenecks and address them. By being similarly exacting, you’ll uncover the best options with which to play games and possibly expose a setting here or there that can be optimized for better performance. Graphics Card Testing Advanced graphics architectures offer the most potential benchmarking excitement. Competition is so fierce among graphics card manufacturers that they’ve all been caught making underhanded image quality adjustments in an effort to procure more performance.

Uk Bear in mind that Sandra is purely synthetic. Don't use it as an exclusive measure of performance but as another helpful tool. org. Dr. com It's imperative that you run DivX with the same encoding options on each platform you test in order to ensure validity. Try disabling audio encoding and focusing solely on video. org In addition to using RightMark, run your audio subsystem through subjective tests using the music you enjoy. Audiophile-quality specs matter less if you don't care for DVD-Audio or expensive speakers.

And EVD (Enhanced Versatile Disc) redlaser systems also exist, but the proposed NEC/Toshiba format and Blu-ray are getting the most attention. We should also mention that hybrid optical pick-ups are also in the works that’ll make these future products capable of recording and playing back CDs and standard DVDs, so you should still be able to watch your current movie collection on nextgen devices. ▲ higher bit rates produce larger files with higher fidelity. mp3PRO—mp3PRO audio files are fully compatible with the existing MP3 format, but they offer CD-quality stereo at very low 64Kbps bit rates with full-frequency bandwidth.

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