Correspondance des marchands de Kanish by Cécile Michel

By Cécile Michel

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During the fight no further reconnaissance was attempted, so that after the fight the same uncertainty as regards the situation of the enemy existed as before. 7. Already the Japanese cavalry had shown that they were superior to the Cossacks in reconnaissance, in screening, and in dismounted action. (b) On the Japanese Side 1. The cavalry had conceived their task in quite a correct manner, for, being too weak to fight, they avoided it whenever possible, thereby attaining in the reconnaissance quite unexpected results.

In Saimatse a force of 1 battalion, 7 sotnias, 8 guns, 3 ammunition waggons, and the Red Cross detachment stood ready to march; in Aiyumon at the same time the 3 Ussuri sotnias. Up to this time no further news concerning the enemy was received from the two Cossacks' troops and the group at Aiyumon. For the defence of Saimatse Colonel Wolkow remained behind with 2 battalions, 6 guns, and 7 sotnias; he had orders to hold the fortified post west of Saimatse in the event of a hostile attack. m. to occupy the Kantshuling Pass.

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