Conservative Parties and Right-Wing Politics in North by Rainer-Olaf Schultze, Roland Sturm, Dagmar Eberle

By Rainer-Olaf Schultze, Roland Sturm, Dagmar Eberle

The 13 papers assembled during this quantity supply a comparative standpoint at the kingdom of conservative and right-wing populist events within the North American democraties. They take care of: Ideological and price swap within the North American Mass Publics, Conservative Ideology and celebration Programmes, The altering Landskape of the 2 occasion structures, the general public regulations of Conservative and Neo-Liberal Governments in North America

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The second finding concerns racial and social intolerance. The left, in both countries, does not have the monopoly on tolerance, In effect, tolerance is not a structuring factor for the lefts or rights in either the Canadian or American publics. 5 L-____________________________________________ ~ Source: 19811199012000 World Values Surveys-Canada, United States Question wording: A) Apart from weddings, funerals and christenings, about how often do you attend religious services these days? 1) More than once a week, 2) Once a week, 3) Once a month, 4) Only on special holy days, 5) Once a year, 6) Less oftenlNever.

The negative coefficient for the Clinton years suggests that the high level of self-designation during that period is not a paradoxical consequence of the ideological muddle of Clinton's policy agenda; rather, it probably stems from the coincidental operation, in those years, of the relationship between education and ideological self-placement. Education beyond high school became the modal category the year Clinton was elected; and increased in each of the next three elections. Finally, it is important to address the suggestions that "fashion" has changed and the recent increase in the tendency to self-designate an ideological position is simply a substitution of "moderate" by voters who formerly would not Richard A.

First, the WVS data are directly comparable. The WVS data come from the same survey questions that have been asked of both Canadian and American publics. Particularly significant for our purposes, the surveys contain identical batteries of questions, such as left-right self-location, that are often used to indicate ideological orientations. The surveys also contain indicators of a variety of substantive orientations, such as those economic, political and social outlooks that are usually associated with lefHight orientations.

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