Confessions of a Teen Nanny 2 Rich Girls by Victoria Ashton

By Victoria Ashton

Why I hate Cameron Warner:

1. She stole my boyfriend.

2. She is the richest teenager in NYC, with extra fashion designer sneakers than a division store.

3. i must plan a celebration so she will be topped Debutante of the 12 months. Like I care!

4. Did I point out: She stole my boyfriend!!!!

Sixteen-year-old Adrienne Lewis is a nanny within the impressive Warner penthouse excessive above new york. each day, Adrienne watches eight-year-old Emma after tuition and continually tangles with Emma's attractive yet depraved teenage part sister, Cameron.

In the intervening time, Adrienne's ally, Liz Braun, has additionally gotten stuck within the seductive internet of society, going out on jaw-dropping dates with the devilishly good-looking and filthy rich Parker Devlin.

But is Parker enjoying Liz, or is that this simply how the wealthy play? and will cash really purchase every little thing for ladies like Cameron—including Adrienne's personal boyfriend?

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She asked no one in particular. “Back to work, dahling, ” a tall woman drawled. “The-ah is so much to do. ” It quickly became clear that all the women worked for the one with the Grand Ole Opry accent. She was so unlike anyone Adrienne had ever met, she couldn’t help staring. She was very tall, taller than Mrs. Warner, and her hair was carefully styled into a large blond mass of loose curls held together by a great deal of hairspray. Adrienne had no idea how old she was; her face was completely hid-den under a mask of perfectly applied makeup.

She was one of them; a normal person working hard to make sure that the crazy rich people who lived at 841 were all happy, all the time. The service elevator—nannies weren’t allowed to take the regular elevators at 841 unless they were with the kids they took care of—opened onto the back entrance of the apartment. Adrienne let herself into the kitchen. The kitchen that was packed. Waiters and waitresses were lined up at the doors, and six chefs competed with one another for space to prepare tiny sandwiches, miniature ice cakes, and assemble beautiful canapés and individual hors d’oeuvres.

While I am sure that Byron is very nice—” “ You really need a boy of significant social standing, to appear to your best advantage, ” Ms. LaDeux finished for her. Cam stood up. “I’ll take whomever I please, ” she declared. “And I want Brian. ” She looked straight at Adrienne. “Since I have him, after all. Bye, everyone. ” She kissed Mrs. Warner on the cheek, and slowly strolled to her room, leaving Debi and her flock clucking. “I-I’d better go check on Emma, ” Adrienne said to Mrs. Warner, who looked slightly shell-shocked.

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