Concussion Inc. by Irvin Muchnick

By Irvin Muchnick

Disturbing mind damage in soccer isn't really incidental, yet an inevitable and principal point of the game. beginning in highschool, via collage, and into the NFL, younger avid gamers face repeated head trauma, and people sustained accidents create lifelong cognitive and useful difficulties.Concussion Inc. finds the decades-long cover-up of clinical examine into activities concussions, and the continuing denial to noticeably reform soccer in North the USA. this can be the whole head harm tale, from the general practitioner who performed quickly and unfastened with the proof in regards to the efficacy of the state-mandated concussion administration procedure for top institution soccer avid gamers, to hugely touted strategies which are extra self-serving cottage than of any actual benefit.Known for vast reporting at the tragic tale of the Chris Benoit murder-suicide, Muchnick turns his investigative research to anxious mind damage and probes deep into the company, executive, and media corruption that has enabled the $10-billion-a-year nationwide soccer League to set off a public future health problem.

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