Concepts, Methodologies and Elements of Ufology by Kathlene Hatchett, Kathern Shrader

By Kathlene Hatchett, Kathern Shrader

This is often an built-in textbook of Ufology.

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The phenomena [may be] the result of radiological warfare experiments by a foreign power . . the rays may be lethal or might be . . the cause of the plane crashes that have occurred recently . . These incidents are of such great importance, especially as they are occurring in the vicinity of sensitive installations, that a scientific board [should] be sent . . " On January 30 the brightest and most widely seen green fireball sighting occurred near Roswell, New Mexico. The next day, the FBI was informed by Army and Air Force intelligence that flying saucers and the fireballs were classified top secret.

They are often reported by witnesses to hover, or move very slowly. In some cases when passing overhead, witnesses reported the feeling of static electricity, and the sound of a low hum, like that of an electrical transformer. When reported, more often than not, military fighter jets have been scrambled to take a look at the object, as was the case with the famous Belgium Triangle incident. Some people believe they are the product of the USA's Black-Budget projects, possibly the TR-3B black triangle, rumoured to be part of the Aurora program.

Nonetheless, most of the scientists remained puzzled by the brightness, trajectories, and absence of sound. " Concerns were expressed about the possibility of panic and the need for continued secrecy. Project Twinkle Finally, on December 20 after nearly a year of foot-dragging, the instrument observation program was approved and Project Twinkle was born. The first instrument post (consisting of two officers) was established at Holloman Air Force Base in February 1950. Only one other instrument post was ever set up.

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