Comprehensive Organic Functional Group Transformations II: by Alan R. Katritzky, Richard J. K. Taylor and Gary Molander

By Alan R. Katritzky, Richard J. K. Taylor and Gary Molander

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This procedure proved to be practical and more efficient than the copper(II) bromideÀlithium t-butoxide oxidative system. 8). 5 DIIODOALKANES—R1R2CI2 Methods for the preparation and isolation of gem-diiodo compounds are limited mostly due to the relative instability of the gem-diiodo functional group compared to the other gem-dihalo species. Hill (COFGT (1995)) should be consulted for common methods for the preparation of gem-diiodo compounds. 1 Diiodoalkanes from Alkanes Chiral 1,1-diiodo compounds can be prepared from 2-deoxy-2-iodo-sugars via an alkoxy radical fragmentation reaction.

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