Cognitive Synthesis Test by Pamela Pressley Abraham Psy. D., Lisa Anne Okoniewski Ph.

By Pamela Pressley Abraham Psy. D., Lisa Anne Okoniewski Ph. D., Mark Lehman Ph. D. (auth.)

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D. (2003). Grounding conceptual knowledge in modality-specific systems. Trends in Cognitive Science 7, 84–91. , & Neggers, S. W. (2002). Visual search is modulated by action intentions. Psychological Science 13, 370–374. Berthoz, A. (1997). Le sens du movement. Paris: Odile Jacob. Borghi, A. M. (2004). Objects, concepts, and action: Extracting affordances from objects’ parts. Acta Psychologica 115, 1, 69–96. Borghi, A. , & Barsalou, L. W. (2002). Perspectives in the conceptualization of categories.

This allows us to activate the affordances relevant for the current situation and goals, thus facilitating situated action. Evidence seems to indicate that at this “higher” level the motor system is not automatically activated, but that its activation is mediated by access to general perceptual and situational information. acknowledgments Thanks to Andrea di Ferdinando, Tina Iachini, Diane Pecher, Rolf Zwaan, and two anonymous reviewers for useful comments on an earlier draft and to Ann Gagliardi for help with English.

Perspective. If concepts are made of perceptual symbols, they should have perspectives, as percepts have perspectives. Perspectives pertain to interaction and vary depending on the relation between our body and the object (see Zwaan & Madden, Chapter 10, this volume). Given this potential variation in perspective, it would be adaptive to first access the perspectives relevant for more frequent actions, before eventually shifting to other perspectives if the situation requires. , being inside or outside a prison, and to answer whether in that situation they could expect to find a certain object.

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