Cognitive Strategies in Stochastic Thinking by Roland W. Scholz

By Roland W. Scholz

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TUKEY, 1977; BIEHLER, 1982) which are appropriate displays for discrete rating scales. These plots (cf. 4) visualize the loci of the median relative to the first and third quartile. The ratings of realism on 7 -point scales were highest for the Hit Parade with a median of 6, somewhat lower for the TV, and lowest for the Motor problem, both with a median of 5. 5 provide a sufficient statistic of subjects' response distributions. We have split the distributions according to base - rates for each story.

Typically, "research has been focused on data which reflect only the end product of the decision processes ... " (PAYNE, BRAUNSTEIN, & CARROLL, 1978, p. 17). For an analysis of human inference and cognition, both the subject's understanding or internal representation of the text, his/her goals (cf. GRONER, et al. 1983), and the individual information processing 24 PART I and conclusions, should be indispensible objects of study. Whether information is causally interpreted, or whether probabilities are transformed or weighted, are, for example, empirical questions.

02 in the TV problem. 16 -10 24 23 22 29 18 -14 24 24 15 30 21 -36 42 27 18 27 17 TV dl and d2. Although dl is bimodally and evidently nonnormally distributed, this cannot be stated for its absolute value Idll or for Id21. 5. Motor Motor 20 20 10 10 P(H) p(H 0) p(riIH) p(H) p(HIO) Hit Parade ..... , normal distribution for each cell, homogeneity of variances for each treatment combination, independence of errors), by referring to BOX's, 1953, 1954, fundamental papers on the robustness of the F-test with respect to violations of these assumptions, we will take a closer look.

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