Cognition Distributed: How cognitive technology extends our by Itiel E. Dror, Stevan Harnad

By Itiel E. Dror, Stevan Harnad

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If the human brain was biologically optimized for interactive cognition at speaking speed, and writing technology slowed down that interactive cycle (in exchange for the other benefits of the transmission and archiving of a written record) for thousands of years, then digital online technology has now once again accelerated the interaction to the speed of thought, increasing its power and productivity by orders of magnitude, and distributing it globally and instantaneously. ” Offloading cognition onto cognitive technology Cognizers and tools.

As it is used in the context of distributed cognition, the concept of distribution is essentially fuzzy, and we will link it to the notion of emergence of system-level properties. The concept of cognition must also be seen as fuzzy, but for a different reason: due to its origin as an anthropocentric concept, no one has a clear handle on its meaning in a distributed setting. As the proposed framework forms a space, we then explore its geography and (re)visit famous landmarks. Keywords: distributed cognition, multiagent system, swarm intelligence, emergence, bounded cognition, sociality 1.

Cognition and Technology: Co-existence, Convergence, and Evolution (pp. 37–62). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Dascal, M. & Dror, I. E. (2005). The impact of cognitive technologies: Towards a pragmatic approach. Pragmatics & Cognition, 13 (3), 451–457. Dennett, D. (1981) Where am I? In D. Dennett, Brainstorms: Philosophical Essays on Mind and Psychology (pp. 310–323). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Dror, I. E. (2007). Land mines and gold mines in cognitive technologies. In I. E. ), Cognitive Technologies and the Pragmatics of Cognition (pp1–7).

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