Codeswitching Worldwide II by Rodolfo Jacobson

By Rodolfo Jacobson

This article is a set of contributions via foreign students at the theoretical and pragmatic points of language blend research.

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This model builds on the matrix language frame model because it preserves the content vs. system morpheme distinction. What is new is that the model subdivides system morphemes into three types. However, this model is not so much a classification of morphemes but rather constitutes a 42 Carol Myers- Scotton hypothesis on how morphemes are conceived in linguistic competence and accessed in production. This article also elaborates on what is involved in congruence crosslinguistically, synthesizing its characterization as the abstract level model.

Example (2) shows that a composite Matrix Language, with abstract grammatical patterns from English as well as from German, is structuring the verbal system. As Fuller (1996: 504) notes, "[o]ngoing and future actions are expressed, as in English, with the present progressive or with gehn 'going to', as opposed to the historically German use of the present tense or future auxiliary waerre/warre " (2)Ichhab geglaubt - es geht ihm happene 1S have/1S believe/PART - it go/3 s him/Dat. ' (Pennsylvania German Burridge 1992: 206 cited in Fuller 1996: 504) • The content morpheme vs.

These models have promise in showing how combining structures in language contact phenomena other than codeswitching can be explained rather than simply described as transference. These combinations have analyzable, even predictable, internal structure. 6. Conclusion In summary, first, I have tried to clarify the original provisions and modifications of the matrix manguageframemodel as it applies to classic codeswitching. Second, I have briefly explained two new sub-models that complement the original model; these are the 4-M model of morpheme types and the abstract level model of complex grammatical structure.

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