Cobra Strike by Timothy Zahn

By Timothy Zahn

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All right. " "Thanks, Hon," he said quietly. It wouldn't, he knew, quite make up for losing her sons to the universe at large... but perhaps having a husband back for a while would be at least partial compensation. He hoped so. Despite his assurances, it was quite possible two of those sons would soon be swallowed up by that same universe, never to return. Chapter 6 The Council—along with an ever-expanding ring of agents/confidants—kept the secret of the Troft proposal remarkably well for nearly four weeks longer; but at that point Stiggur decided to release the news to the general population.

Electric power for sure... still no radio broadcasts detectable... looks like the tallest buildings are in the ten- to twenty-story range. " "Hang on," Christopher said. " "Another city showing now—south and a little west of the first," Cerenkov reported. Joshua let a breath hiss slowly between his teeth, caught between the desire to rush down to the lounge and see the cities for himself and the fear of missing something important en route. "I think I can see them," Justin said behind him. " Joshua joined him at the viewport, glad to have found a compromise.

She gestured minutely at the electronics in front of her. " "That's only because you don't know the kind of vacation I have in mind," he told her, mentally crossing his fingers. If he presented this right she might just go for it... and he knew with a solid conviction that it was something they both needed. "I was thinking of a leisurely cruise sort of thing, with stops at various points for relaxing strolls through forests and grasslands, or maybe a swim through warm waters. Companionship with others when we want it, privacy when we want that, and all the comforts of home.

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