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By Cecilia Minden

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Incorrect landing position. 43 Illinois Agility Test Purpose To assess technique and speed during straight sprinting and changes in direction Application For sports that require a change of direction out of linear movement, this test helps assess athletes’ ability to cut and efficiently change direction. Examples include a receiver in American football running a pass route or a soccer player dribbling the ball and moving around defenders. 5 yd) wide. The two cones at one end (A and D) mark the start and finish of the test.

FfIs the athlete’s footwear appropriate? Do the athletic shoes offer good support? If testing outdoors, would cleats are more appropriate? , athletic shorts, or sweats)? ■ 39 40 ■ Developing Agility and Quickness ffIs the testing surface resilient and nonslip? ffIs the area large enough to allow athletes plenty of room to safely perform the test? Staff Typically, a coach serves as the testing supervisor. This entails overseeing the testing procedures, making sure that the process flows well, and obtaining accurate results.

9a how the athlete’s shin is roughly pointing in the direction of the desired movement. 9b, in which the athlete’s shin is pointing in the opposite direction of the desired movement. This angle is inappropriate for generating the power necessary for explosive changes of direction. Furthermore, it places the joints in a vulnerable position for injury. 17 For example, when transitioning from a forward sprint in one direction to one in the opposite direction, many athletes begin by turning the head, immediately followed by the shoulders and the trunk.

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