Clarissa Oakes (aka The Truelove) by Patrick O'Brian

By Patrick O'Brian

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Clarissa Oakes aka The Truelove Aubrey - Maturin Series BOOK FIFTEEN by Patrick O'Brian for Mary, with love and most particular gratitude CHAPTER ONE Standing at the frigate's taffrail, and indeed leaning upon it, Jack Aubrey considered her wake, stretching away neither very far nor emphatically over the smooth pure green-blue sea: a creditable furrow, however, in these light airs. She had just come about, with her larboard tacks aboard, and as he expected her wake showed that curious nick where, when the sheets were hauled aft, tallied and belayed, she made a little wanton gripe whatever the helmsman might do.

Not that Stephen could in any way be called a guest, since they had shared the cabin these many years, and until recently he had actually owned the ship. He might have been expected for coffee, but in fact Jack saw nothing of him until the evening, when he walked in with a dose and a clyster: he and Martin had spent the intervening hours describing the more perishable specimens from their tour in the bush, and writing to their wives. 'Here's a pretty kettle of fish,' cried Jack. ' Solitude and a heavy afternoon sleep had increased his ill-humour, and Stephen did not at all like the colour of his face.

Of course you burn. And you are always at it: every goddam port ... ' 'No, sir,' said Philips, speaking like a Christian now. " 'It was far worse off of Easter Island, sir: coral rock far offshore too, then no bottom with the deep-sea line; and an almighty surf,' said Owen, but in an undertone. 'We could not land on the south side of the island, sir, so we went round to the north-east: and there we were lying to with a light breeze off the shore and all hands fishing for gropers when the Supply brig, who was laying outside of us, hailed Captain Hunt that we was being heaved inshore.

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