Chronicles of Wasted Time: Part 1: The Green Stick by Malcolm. Muggeridge

By Malcolm. Muggeridge

Half 1 of Malcolm Muggeridge's autobiography

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In the early days of the Colony the then Minchinhampton incumbent was particularly incensed against the Colonists for their atheism, their curious attire (at one point, some of them affected ancient Greek costume) and, above all, their attitude to the marriage tie. Especially in England, time softens everything; I have always thought that if Wilde had lived into his eighties he would probably have been made an honorary Commissioner of Scouts. Will 46 The Green Stick the Californian Communards all likewise find their way at last to Forest Lawn?

He was a truly enchanting human being; gentle, humorous, quixotically generous, original; somehow giving a vague impression of sadness, and yet indissolubly associated in my mind with laughter. I count such men among life’s major blessings; as well as implying a strong hint of better things to come. If it is possible thus to live kindly and companionably and cheerfully in the world without any elevated mystical or philo­ sophical insight to buoy one up; without fasting in the wilderness, or A Socialist Upbringing 41 being nailed to a cross, or speaking with tongues; just as a mortal man with other mortal men - to use Falstaff’s blessed expression; why, then, surely our poor benighted human race will never wholly succumb to the follies and brutalities to which we often appear to be inexorably given.

Not a seduction now, but rather the opposite; making off - Good-bye, it’s been wonderful, I ’ll never forget, I’ll call you, I ’l l . . Forgetting even as the poll is declared. We’re in, hurray! We’re out, never mind, we’ll try again. This early grounding in electioneering has left me with an abiding interest in the pathology of universal suffrage democracy. In strange lands, where others might seek out ancient monuments, or folk music, or marriage customs, I seek out legislature, and spend enchanted hours A Socialist Upbringing 53 listening to Honourable Members of all races, colours and creeds going through the weird and increasingly meaningless rigmarole which West­ minster has imposed on the rest of the world.

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