Chinese Calligraphy by Chen Tingyou

By Chen Tingyou

Via 18 chapters and 60,000 chinese language characters, chinese language Calligraphy offers information on themes of calligraphy reminiscent of its heritage and evolution, the calligraphic strokes for characters, and biographies of trendy calligraphy artists. There also are instructions on primary calligraphy abilities. With colour and b&w pictures.

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Soaked in ink, it has what is known as "capillarity", which combined with the strong ink permeability of a special Chinese paper, making the strokes in a calligraphic work more vivid, varied and pretty. The use of the Chinese writing brush can be traced back 6,000 years. In the early years, the brush was very simple. It seems that the pictures, symbols and characters on ancient po�ery, painted in red and black, were done with brush strokes. Four treasures of the study. C. tomb of the 38 State of Chu in 1958.

In the rigorous official hand, some people make the characters straight and graceful, while others make them slanting, and the strokes are of different lengths in order to display their vigor, vividness and rhythm. In running, cursive or wild cursive hand, this is out of the question. Prose on the Goddess of the Luo River, written by Zhu Yunming (1460-1526) of the Ming Dynasty, demonstrates the coherent and dynamic strokes The character 花 (flower). Chinese Calligraphy in cursive hand, and displays the charm of the characters 52 and Zhu’s excellent skills of controlling the speed of brush movement and rhythm.

So we can say the vigor of the strokes depends on the mastery of the brush by the calligrapher. There are several ways to demonstrate the vigor of the strokes, but we will only introduce only two of them here. First, more use of the tip of the brush. While writing the character the brush is held vertically and moves from the middle of the stroke. A character written this way is vigorous, smooth and natural. Opposite to this is the use of the side of the brush, when the tip of the brush moves along one side of the stroke.

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