Celestial Hide and Seek ; The Game of Eclipses by Nirupama Raghavan

By Nirupama Raghavan

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Various suggestions in this connexion were considered for inclusion in the resolution in lieu of the language adopted. It was finally decided by the Sub-Committee that the resolution itself should place the responsibility solely with the Economic and Social Council. The Sub-Committee considered a proposal made by Poland concerning the propagation and dissemination of hatred against national or racial and religious groups as a preparatory step in the effectuation of the crime, and the punishment of those responsible therefor.

Modification of the agenda On the proposal of the representatives of the United Kingdom, the United States of America and India, the Committee decided to change the order of items listed on the agenda and to begin with discussion of item 2. 2. Resolution on the crime of genocide (document A/Bur/50) Mr. Dihigo (Cuba) outlined the reasons for which the delegations of Panama, India and Cuba had submitted this resolution. Genocide was not a new crime; it had been committed in ancient times and had occurred again before and during the last world war, in the very centre of Europe.

He added that he preferred the French draft as first submitted, as the later amendment raised the ticklish question of the international responsibility of States, for which no solution had yet been reached. The resolution could be divided into two parts by adding the word “furthermore” at the beginning of the third paragraph; the first part would then be the recognition and condemnation of the crime of genocide, while the second part dealt with the question on the international plane. Mr. Gajardo pointed out that international collaboration could best be achieved by a convention, which was the point of the fiscal recommendation of the resolution.

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