Byte - January 1976 by Virginia Williamson

By Virginia Williamson

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Singular Sturm-Liouville problems: The Friedrichs extension and comparison of eigenvalues

A brand new characterization of singular self-adjoint boundary stipulations for Sturm-Liouvillc difficulties is given. those arc an actual parallel of the standard case. They arc given explicitly by way of primary and non-principal suggestions. The detailed nature of the Friedrichs extension is obviously obvious and highlighted.

Ageing at Home

Such a lot older humans wish to dwell independently, to stick of their personal houses, yet to do this the usually desire neighborhood aid, whether they continue to be really fit into very outdated age. actually it has to be a aim for any neighborhood to establish low in cost platforms to aid growing old humans to proceed residing of their personal houses and to install position reasonable, effective and compassionate care.

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