Bunyip Land (Illustrated Edition) by George Manville Fenn, Gordon Browne, R.I.

By George Manville Fenn, Gordon Browne, R.I.

George Manville Fenn (1831-1909) used to be a British author. He labored as a instructor in Lincolnshire, until eventually he grew to become printer, editor and writer of assorted magazines. He had 8 kids together with his spouse Susanna Leake, whom he had married in 1855. such a lot of his works are event tales for younger readers, that includes Explorers, Smugglers, younger Adventurers and Seamen. His grownup novels provide serious social statement on Victorian England, specifically reconsidering monetary questions. His works contain: Hollowdell Grange (1866), Featherland (1866), Christmas Penny Readings (1867), The Blue Dragoons (1875), a bit global (1877), Begumbagh (1879), Bunyip Land (1880), My sufferers (1883), The Golden Magnet (1884), The Chaplain's Craze (1886), Quicksilver (1888), woman Maude's Mania (1890), The Weathercock (1892), genuine Gold (1894), The Queen's Scarlet (1895), The Black Tor (1896), a girl worthy successful (1898), Draw Swords! (1898), A purple Crime (1899), The King's Sons (1900), Fitz the Filibuster (1903) and others.

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He said staring. “No. ” “Mass Joe gone mad. Brown fellow kill all a man. ” “You are not to touch him,” I said. ” Jimmy lifted up his head and looked at me. Then he banged it down upon his pillow, which was one of those gooseberry-shaped rope nets, stuffed full of oakum, and called a fender, while we went forward once more to talk to the doctor about his chart, for Jack Penny was comporting himself exactly as if he had become one of the party, though I had made up my mind that he was to go back with the captain when we were set ashore.

That’s where my schooner will be. ” “A crown apiece for you, my lads, as soon as you get us aboard,” cried the doctor, who had been looking uneasily at the men. His words acted like magic, and the oars bent, while the water rattled and pattered under our bows. “That’s the sort o’ fire to get up steam, doctor,” said the captain; “but we shall never overtake my vessel, unless something happens. ” “I’m sorry, captain,” I said deprecatingly. ” “Not it,” he said kindly. ” All this while the mist was steadily moving down upon us, and the captain was watching it with gloomy looks when his eyes were not 34 Bunyip Land fixed upon the schooner, which kept on gliding away.

I say, are you skipper here, or am I? ” “Rubbing his sore head, I s’pose,” drawled Jack Penny. ” cried the captain, who looked astounded at the big thin boy’s coolness, and then glanced in the direction he pointed beneath the bulwarks. “Fence rails! ” “I don’t know what you call ’em,” said Jack. ” “Here, don’t you call me a dog or there’ll be a row,” cried Jack, rising erect and standing rather shakily about five feet eleven, looking like a big boy stretched to the bursting point and then made fast.

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