Buccaneers (Elite 69) by Angus Konstam, Angus McBride

By Angus Konstam, Angus McBride

Within the seventeenth century, English, French and Dutch buccaneers introduced a sequence of assaults on Spanish cities, ports and delivery. This quantity information the buccaneer captains, similar to Henry Morgan, the crews in their ships, how they recruited, and the way they fought their battles on land and at sea.

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The Progressive movement, well under way when Wilson came to the White House, was an effort to act on this sober second thought, to conserve the best of the American past and present while eliminating the injustices brought by the Industrial Revolution. Progressives such as Theodore Roosevelt argued that the marketplace had to yield to an expanded government that, with its agencies of experts, would bring order to the economy. But another group of Progressives, led by Woodrow Wilson, disagreed with that approach.

4 May: Germany offered assurances on the rights of neutrals. 16 June: Renominated for president by the National Democratic Convention at St. Louis. 17 July: Signed the Federal Farm Loan Act. 29 August: Delivered address to Congress making recommendations designed to thwart a threatened railroad strike. 3 September: Signed the Adamson railway wage law. S. Shipping Board. 7 November: Narrowly reelected president with 9 million popular votes and 277 electoral votes. Page xxviii 1916 5 December: Delivered fourth annual address to Congress, discussing railroad legislation, promotion of foreign trade, Puerto Rico, and revision of the corrupt-practices acts.

Griffith's The Birth of a Nation, which depicted the dramatic confrontation between the supposedly heroic Ku Klux Klan and maniacal blacks during Reconstruction. " Much has been done in recent years to bring the activities of women into focus: women in trade unions, women's contribution to World War I, and the final successful drive to write women's suffrage into the Constitution. Like so many Progressive males in a generation preoccupied with the rites of manliness, Wilson was reluctant to accept suffragettes into the Progressive coalition, because he was a firm believer that a woman's place was in the home.

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