British English from A to Zed: A Definitive Guide to the by Norman W. Schur

By Norman W. Schur

No matter if you're touring to nice Britain or simply are looking to comprehend British pop culture, this special dictionary will resolution your questions. British English from A to Zed comprises greater than 5,500 British phrases and their American equivalents, every one with a quick rationalization of the term’s heritage and an instance of its use. The appendixes offer priceless supplemental fabric with alterations among British and American pronunciation, grammar, and spelling in addition to phrases grouped in particular components reminiscent of foreign money, weight, and numbers.

This dictionary can assist you get to the bottom of the meanings of:

• Berk (idiot)
• Bevvied up (drunk)
• Crisps (potato chips)
• Erk (rookie)
• To judder (to shake)
• Noughts and crosses (tic-tac-toe)
• And more!

George Bernard Shaw famously stated that the British and americans have been “two peoples separated via a typical language.” This e-book bridges that hole.

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