Borderline Personality Disorder: A Practitioner's Guide to by Freeman, Stone, Martin

By Freeman, Stone, Martin

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The formula is no longer dependent on dynamic delta hedging, neither directly on the CAPM formula. The method is based on a pure arbitrage argument and is extremely robust and is fully consistent with continuous-time as well as discrete-time trading. This method is also the simplest method consistent with the volatility smile, see Haug (2006). The Derman-Taleb method is in this respect not a model that directly describes the stochastic process of the underlying asset or the dynamics of the volatility.

R - b)—Sdt =r -c + —S dt dS as at 2 as 2 ac 1 82c 1 1 a Sdt = rc —dt + --a - S- dt + bi 2 852 as Bt [ac 1 a2c 2 2 ac a 5 +b Ts,S dt = rc at + 2 as2 The BSM call option pricing formula is found by using the boundary condition at option expiration: c = max(S - X; 0). 2 Dynamic Hedging The idea of market neutral static delta hedging goes all the way back to Higgins (1902) and Nelson (1904). 4. APPENDIX A: THE BLACK-SCHOLES-MERTON PDE 17 to continuous time dynamic delta hedging by Black and Scholes (1973) and Merton (1973).

T = Time to expiration in years. a = Volatility of the relative price change of the underlying stock price. N (x) = The cumulative normal distribution function, described in Chapter 13. 1 The Black-Scholes formula can also be used to price American call options on a nondividend-paying stock, since it will never be optimal to exercise the option before expiration. 1. BLACK-SCHOLES-MERTON 3 Example Consider a European call option with three months to expiry. The stock price is 60, the strike price is 65, the risk-free interest rate is 8% per year, and the volatility is 30% per annum.

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