Blake Sisters 2 An Accidental Woman by Barbara Delinsky

By Barbara Delinsky

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And Steve? He was there for me again. Not only did he feed me legal information, but, bless him, he sat over not one dinner but two and felt the emotion of my plot as I described the closing scenes to him. Tears in his eyes? A writer--a woman--a wife-couldn't ask for a better endorsement. Finally, I thank all of you readers. I'm not sure I would have ever tackled this story if it hadn't been for your urging, yet writing this story has been an extraordinarily gratifying experience for me. We hear lots nowadays about the mass market, the economics of publishing, the bottom line.

Not one car. Two. They inched their way closer, then stopped. Their engines went still. Do something, cried that silent voice, more urgent now, and he thought of the rifle that was mounted high above the front door, out of reach of the girls. But he couldn't move--couldn't move--other than to turn his head toward Heather. She continued to sleep, oblivious to what he heard, unaware of the thoughts that held him there against her warmth. As he watched the swirl of her long dark hair touched by a generous dusting of silver, he heard the stealthy click of car doors--one, then a second.

Cassie hesitated several seconds too long. "Not always," she said, shaking her head. With those words, Micah had the awful fear that the trouble was just beginning. Poppy had no calls to take for a while, which was typical of a Lake Henry morning in winter. During other seasons, when fine weather beckoned, people were out and about doing whatever tickled their fancy. Rainy days, snowy days, cold days tended to keep them at home. They were answering their own phones. They were reading the paper, cleaning up breakfast, stacking wood, hacking ice from the eaves, and if not that, they were starting to think about getting geared up to settle down to work in the easygoing way that Lake Henryites had.

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