"Billy" Sunday, the man and his message, with his own words by William T. Ellis

By William T. Ellis

This choice of literature makes an attempt to bring together a number of the vintage works that experience stood the try out of time and provide them at a discounted, cheap expense, in an enticing quantity in order that every body can take pleasure in them.

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I want to run on through the pasture And let down the dusty old bars, I want to find you there still waiting, Your eyes like the twin stars. ' “I tell you it with shame, I stretched the elastic bands of my mother's love until I thought they would break. I went far into the dark and the wrong until I ceased to hear her prayers or her pleadings. I forgot her face, and I went so far that it seemed to me that one more step and the elastic bands of her love would break and I would be lost. But, thank God, friends, I never took that last step.

A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR Because he is the most conspicuous Christian leader in America today; because he has done an entirely unique and far-reaching work of evangelism; and because his words have a message for all men, I have written, at the request of the publishers, this narrative concerning Rev. William A. D. " This book has endeavored to deal candidly, though sympathetically, with its subject. Mr. Sunday has not seen either the manuscript or proofs. He has, however, authorized the use of the messages which he is accustomed to deliver in his meetings, and which comprise more than half the contents of the volume.

A theological seminary would have denatured him. Evidently Sunday has learned the lesson of the value of individuality; he prizes it, preaches about it, and practices it. He probably does not know what “sui generis” means, but he is it. Over and over again he urges that instead of railing at what we have not enjoyed, we should magnify what we already possess. The shepherd’s rod of Moses, rightly wielded, may be mightier than a king’s scepter. As we approach the development of the unique work of Billy Sunday, which is without a parallel in the history of evangelism, we must reckon with those forces which developed his personality and trace the steps which led him into his present imperial activity.

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