Beat the Flu: How to Stay Healthy Through the Coming Bird by A.A. Avlicino

By A.A. Avlicino

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Most of them are unsanitary because they pull their air not from the outside but from the bathroom floor, which even in a clean facility is teeming with germs. Also avoid using a common towel, which has been contaminated by an unknown number of hands. Dry hands with an emergency supply of tissues or use toilet paper. • Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth until you have washed and dried your hands thoroughly. Don’t touch anything directly. People come to 46 What You Can Do Now the sink with contaminated hands, turn on the water and, after they wash, touch the dirty faucet handle again.

Anywhere near my lips. As I thought, I found lipstick on most of them, several different colours on some. Now if the lipstick is still there, what makes you think that the viruses carried by that individual coffee-lover would not be? Soapy water standing until it is lukewarm is not bleach. It does not disinfect anything on contact. So the next time your cup or glass or fork seems a bit spotted or soiled, ask yourself what are the chances that a virus is not hitching a ride on it? Remember that it would take a thousand viruses to stretch across the diameter of one of your hairs.

That will keep you away from the crowded aisle. • Keep the window open if you can to breathe in fresh, uncontaminated air. If that is not possible then leave your seat and stand by the door, especially if its window can be opened. • Shun public transport if you can and travel in your own vehicle. Work • If people at work are becoming ill with H5N1, call in sick even though you may not be, even at the cost of getting fired. • Telecommute if you can. • Avoid meetings and conferences. Shun trade shows and conventions at all costs.

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