Banco: The Further Adventures of Papillon by Henri Charriere

By Henri Charriere

The sensational sequel to 'Papillon'. 'Banco' keeps the adventures of Henri Charriere - nicknamed Papillon - in Venezuela, the place he has eventually received his freedom after 13 years of break out and imprisonment. regardless of his unravel to turn into a good guy, Charriere is quickly all in favour of hair-raiding exploits with goldminers, gamblers, bank-robbers and revolutionaries - robbing and being robbed, his lust for all times as robust as ever. He additionally runs evening golf equipment in Caracas till an earthquake ruins him in 1967 - whilst he makes a decision to put in writing the publication that brings his foreign reputation.

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Simon, no less, the crook who had made his break from the penal colony with Big Charlot. When my work was over, I went to gaze at the sight. I went to the store and stared at the huge pile of gold ingots neatly lined up by Simon, the ex-convict. Not even a strongroom, just a con­ crete storehouse with walls no thicker than usual, and a wooden door. " "Okay. And what about you, Papi? " "I never knew you were in El Dorado. " "That's a good guy. " "Well, you know, I have a house: it's not as big as Charlot's, but it's made of bricks and mortar.

That's a pretty good example, eh? Yet believe you me, he, too, had a long bill to present to society. You're no exception, Papillon. Plenty of us have reasons for revenge. But as far as I know, not one of us has left this country to take it. I trust you, P apillon. " Bougrat left very late that afternoon. My ideas were in a tur­ moil afterward. Why had he made such an impression on me? Easy to see why. During these first days of freedom I had met con­ victs who were happy and readjusted but leading l ives that weren' t the least bit extraordinary.

It was as if a switch had been triggered inside him. He jumped in double quick, and there he was in Paris. It was raining when he walked out of the station. He stood under a shelter, figuring out how he would get to La Villette. Under this same shelter there was a B A N CO 26 girl who was also keeping out of the rain. She gave him a pleasant sort of look. All he knew about women was the chief warden's fat wife at Esse and what the bigger boys at the reformatory had told him-more or less true. No one had ever looked at him l ike this girl.

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