Auschwitz: Plain Facts. A Response to Jean-Claude Pressac by Germar Rudolf (ed.)

By Germar Rudolf (ed.)

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Along with a few minor satellites, this luminary of historical thought, Bédarida, served as Pressac’s patron. This patronage was not negligible, because Pressac’s second book was published by the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). In order to obtain this prestigious label, the book was submitted to an ad hoc committee of specialists. There must have also been an official evaluation of some kind, which we would be delighted to read. What does Pressac’s book really say? It presents incontrovertible evidence that the Germans built crematories.

It swims in the cultural soup and propels itself rapidly toward all directors’ chairs, to which it adheres with strong suckers.

His 1989 book, Auschwitz: Technique and Operations of the Gas Chambers, included hundreds of plans, blueprints, photographs and documents from the Auschwitz camp’s technical departments, which were, of course, part of the SS administration. In an effort to make this massive and disorganized dossier more convincing, the Klarsfelds organized its non-dissemination. Reports of its existence were considered more effective than its actual distribution in bookstores. Translated into English (no French-language edition was ever made available), and published in New York, it was not publicly sold, and was sent to few of those who ordered it.

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