Atlas of Hispanic-American History, Second Edition by George Ochoa, Carter Smith

By George Ochoa, Carter Smith

Utilizing a large association of visible instruments, this atlas deals a close review of the studies and critical occasions surrounding americans of Hispanic descent. The atlas examines in nice element how Spanish, local American, and African impacts mixed in several methods, via many historic twists and turns, to shape the various cultures of Hispanic America-and how that heritage impacts Hispanic american citizens this present day. photos, line graphs, charts, chronologies, field good points, and maps aid discover the cultural, old, political, and social background of Hispanic americans. assurance additionally profiles key occasions and concerns of their homelands, particularly these components that encouraged their flow to the us.

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To instruct the Native Americans in the faith, these missionaries learned Native American languages, studied their cultures, and created new forms of organization, including the doctrina, a religious school or center, and the reduccion or congregación, a Native American community formed to facilitate preaching, such as the Jesuit-led Guaraní reducciones of Paraguay. The culture of Spanish colonies was modeled on that of Spain, but some artists and writers began to innovate in ways that suggested the birth of a new HispanicAmerican culture.

Then they sent him out on a second voyage, this one much larger, intended not just to explore but to establish a colony. The expedition consisted of 17 vessels and about 1,200 men, including priests to do the converting and soldiers to do the conquering. Lasting nearly three years, from September 25, 1493, to June 11, 1496, it was the first European expedition to visit many West Indian islands, including Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Dominica, Guadeloupe, and Antigua. In addition, Columbus returned to Navidad on Hispaniola, where he found the fort destroyed and all the settlers killed.

In many places, a system developed for exacting compulsory or draft labor from Native Americans, with Native American communities providing a quota of laborers for a prescribed time, and the laborers receiving minimal wages in return. In New Spain the system was called repartimiento (not to be confused with the forerunner of the encomienda system), in Peru 02. Hispanic_Ch2_Final 9/18/08 1:10 PM Page 42 42 ATLAS OF HISPANIC-AMERICAN HISTORY The Rise of Latin America’s Mestizo Population 02. Hispanic_Ch2_Final 9/18/08 1:10 PM Page 43 SPAIN IN THE AMERICAS 43 mita.

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