Assuring food safety: guidelines for strengthening national by Food and Agriculture Organization af The United Nations,

By Food and Agriculture Organization af The United Nations, World Health Organization

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Article 11 Consultations and Dispute Settlement 1. The provisions of Articles XXII and XXIII of GATT 1994 as elaborated and applied by the Dispute Settlement Understanding shall apply to consultations and the settlement of disputes under this Agreement, except as otherwise specifically provided herein. 2. In a dispute under this Agreement involving scientific or technical issues, a panel should seek advice from experts chosen by the panel in consultation with the parties to the dispute. To this end, the panel may, when it deems it appropriate, establish an advisory technical experts group, or consult the relevant international organizations, at the request of either party to the dispute or on its own initiative.

The General Principles of Food Hygiene are supported by detailed codes of hygienic practice that have specific application to: Low-acid and acidified low-acid canned foods; Aseptically processed and packaged low-acid foods; Precooked and cooked foods in mass catering; The preparation and sale of street-vended foods (regional standard - Latin America and the Caribbean); Spices and dried plants; Canned fruit and vegetable products; Dried fruits; Desiccated coconut; Dehydrated fruits and vegetables including edible fungi; Tree nuts; Groundnuts (peanuts); Processed meat and poultry products; Poultry processing; Egg products; Page 34 The processing of frog legs; Fresh meat; The production, storage and composition of mechanically separated meat and poultry meat Intended for further processing; The collection, processing and marketing of natural mineral waters.

A. (1996). Economic evaluation of Surveillance. London, Dept of Public Health and Policy. Australia New Zealand Food Authority (1999). Food Safety Standards – Costs and Benefits. (ANZFA). ; Bhat, R. P. (1988) The economic impact of foodborne disease outbreak due to Staphylococcus aureus. Journal of Food Protection, 51, (11) Page 26 widely distributed in cattle herds and is resistant to several antibiotics. The incidence of this organism is on the increase, as is the number of antibiotic resistant isolates.

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