Archaic and Archaistic Sculpture (Athenian Agora vol. 11) by Evelyn B. Harrison

By Evelyn B. Harrison

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Thearmsocketwas planeand the secondrowis carvedin the planeof the cut with a medium-sizeddrill,of whichtracesremain hangingstrands,at a distinct angle to the first. ) The fragmentgives the impressionthat the koreto interest in decorating the under edge of the locks which it belonged was one of the better as well as that the kore was meant to at be looked suggests frombelow. The plain stippledtop of the head would largermembersof its type. c. Since the finding-placeof the also suit a high position.

065 m. See also p. 145. The statuette represents a female figure, apparently in a rather stiff frontal pose, wearing a thin chiton which is girded at the waist and pulled out to form a kolpos over the belt. The kolpos hangs low on both 51Cf. Acropolis 670. Payne, pl. 65; Schrader, pls. 14-15. See also below, No. 115. 52 Acropolis 581. Payne, pl. 126; Schrader, pl. 175. 26 ARCHAIC SCULPTURE sides but is caughtup in the center,wherea bit of the smooth surfaceof the skirt below is visible. The surface of the upper part of the chiton is coveredwith wavy channels cut with a round-endedchisel.

They were omitted from the New York kourosnot becausethe artist was unfamiliarwith them but because of the smaller size of the statue. Though no fragmenthas been foundfromthe front of the torsoof the Dipylon kouros, we can easily imagine that it too was more elaboratelytreatedthan that of the one in New York. The case for regardingthe Dipylon, New York and Sounionkouroiall as productsof a single workshop is strengthened,and it no longer seems possible to assume a very great interval of time between them.

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