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While some Arabic speakers use (Aend) for all cases. The below table shows the Arabic numbers from Zero to Ten The numerals used in English are of Arabic origin, but Arabs nowadays use the Hindi ones sometimes, because of business ties with India in past. Days of the week are mostly driven from numbers as per the following table. As you see the above table shows the Arabized months from the Latin ones. Also there are the Arabic months which used for the Islamic calendar. Thos months depend on the lunar calendar.

The Arabic alphabet has 28 letters, 3 of which have vowel qualities, but it's not fair to say that they are 28 letters. In fact they are only 15 shapes and dots, these dots play an essential role in distinguishing the difference between the shapes. The following Arabic letters do not have any correspondence in the Latin alphabet. For example: kh (equals German ch), gh (a softer version of kh). cayn (guttural stop, but clearly pronounced from the back of the throat), th (as in English). dh (softer version of th), sh (as in English) and strong and emphasized versions of the letters t, d, s, z, h.

Plurals are given in brackets after singulars, and verbs are given in Arabic in present and past tenses. English - Arabic glossary The following glossary contains the words presented in this book. Also most of the meanings given are as used in the book. Plurals are given in brackets after singulars, and verbs are given in Arabic in present and past tenses. com/pages/Lets-Talk-Arabic ABOUT THE AUTHOR The author has the pen name of Dr. Adam Yacoub, He is an experienced Arabic linguist, graduated from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, which is considered the third oldest Islamic university in the world (one thousand years-old foundation).

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