Anglo-Irish Relations, 1798-1922 (Questions and Analysis in by Nick Pelling

By Nick Pelling

Offering essays, assets with questions and labored solutions, including history to every subject inside of Irish historical past, Nick Pelling presents a very good foundational textual content for the learn of Anglo-Irish family. for hundreds of years the connection among eire and England has been tough. Anglo-Irish kin, 1798–1922 explores the tempestuous occasions from Wolfe Tone's failed emerging to Michael Collins's arguably extra winning attempt, culminating within the debatable Anglo-Irish treaty of 1921. vintage struggles among key figures, comparable to O'Connell and Peel, Parnell and Gladstone, and Lloyd George and Michael Collins, are mentioned and analyzed. The deeper matters in regards to the nature of British Imperial rule and the range of Irish nationalism also are tested, highlighting the historiographical debate surrounding the so-called 'revisionist' view.

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But what a glorious sight does it now present—the masted grove within our harbour— (cheers)—our mighty warehouses teeming with the wealth of every climate—(cheers)— our giant manufactories lifting themselves on every side—(cheers)—our streets marching on. All this we owe to the Union. MacDonagh's O’Connell: The Life Of Daniel O’Connell, 1775– 1847 (London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1991). For a nineteenth century Catholic, O’Connell was as remarkable for his commitment to the total separation of church and state as for his unqualified defence of the individual’s Anglo-Irish relations, 1798–1922 28 liberty of conscience…He was a tireless advocate of the English dissenters’ cause, from the abolition of religious tests for office to the abolition of church rates, and despite the chasms in creed, he remained on good terms with almost all, and in particular with the Society of Friends.

As he went on to point out, the exclusion of Catholics from formal power had not succeeded in restricting their social power—or, as it happened, their political influence. In 1829 their claims, made manifest, created a formal constitutional revolution…The manner of its passing [Catholic Emancipation]… gave a Catholic middle-class ‘ascendancy’ a vital psychological boost. Source J: From Patrick O’Farrell's England and Ireland since 1800 (London: Oxford University Press, 1975). Having been forced to give ground on the Emancipation issue, English attitudes hardened against any further concessions to political Catholicism.

Though it may not have been apparent in 1846, when Peel fell from power both men were spent forces. O’Connell died in 1847 and Peel only three years later. Nevertheless, despite their bitter rivalry, between them they had achieved much for Ireland and indeed for Anglo-Irish relations. But their legislative accomplishments and their overall legacy were to be set into a particularly unforgiving context as the slow tragedy of the Great Famine began to unfurl itself after 1845. ANALYSIS (1): WHY DID O’CONNELL SUCCEED IN EMANCIPATING THE CATHOLICS BUT NOT IN REPEALING THE ACT OF UNION?

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