An Atheist Manifesto by Sam Harris

By Sam Harris

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The height of Diamond Head in Honolulu. Its great woodburning light at the top could be seen some thirty-four miles out to sea. There has never since been built, in any part of the world, a lighthouse of such enormous height as that of the great Pharos Light. At the same time that the great physical light was lit, an intellectual light was also lit in Alexandria. This light was in the 17 form of thirteen rolls of papyrus, written by a patient and modest scholar named Euclid, and contained some 295 propositions in plane and solid geometry, elementary geometric algebra, and basic number theory.

A footnote. ” Pie in the bathroom. The digits in the decimal expansion of pi seem to satisfy no pattern and appear to occur in an absolutely random fashion. Because of this, the successive digits in the decimal expansion of p have been used where a random sequence of digits is required. Use of this randomness can be made in laying tile, where, to break the monotony of a uniform color, one wishes every now and then to insert a tile of a different color. Clayton Dodge employed this idea when tiling a wall of his bathroom in basic white tiles interspersed randomly with tan ones.

Then A, E, D, F are the vertices of an inscribed square. Figure 2 27 A considerably more challenging problem is the construction, with compasses alone, of the vertices of a square inscribed in a given circle where the center of the circle is not given. 28 Acquiring Some of the Personal Items for MMM I mentioned, in the tale devoted to MMM, some of the personal items that ended up in that collection. It may be that certain readers are interested in how those items were secured. Here is the story of a few of them.

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