Alien Meetings by Brad Steiger

By Brad Steiger

Paperback publication relates eye witness alien conferences through a number of humans.

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Muttering, drugged old witch! What the hell was she doing now? The crystal on the table, his own crystal, glowed and shimmered; the crystal in the wicker frame, between the woman’s slender hands, began slowly to glow with blue fire. “The Golden Bell,” the woman muttered thickly, slurring the words and making them one, Cleindori. “Oh, yes, Cleindori was beautiful, long, long they sought her in the hills across the river, but she had gone where they could not pursue, the proud superstitious fools preaching the Way of Arilinn…” All the light in the room, now, was focused on the woman’s face, the light that seemed to pour from the blue center of the crystal.

You know how much a Communications man makes with the Empire. Enough to live on, but no big rakeoffs. I expect— ” his mouth twisted—“that you’ll be expecting some pickings whatever happens. And that you have a good reason to expect them. ” He picked up the matrix crystal on its chain. ” Ragan shook his head. “I gave you the best advice I could; I’m not going to get mixed up in that part of it. If you have to know more, there are licensed matrix mechanics, even in the Terran Zone. They can’t do much.

Why don’t you go back to the HQ and check with Section Eight there? ” Section Eight. Medic and Psych. Kerwin swallowed hard and went, without any further protest. That meant she thought he was deranged, that he needed psychiatric help. He didn’t blame her. After what he had just heard, he kind of thought so himself. He stumbled out into the cold air, his feet numb, his head whirling. They were lying, lying. Somebody’s lying. She was lying and he knew it; he could feel her lying… No; that was what every paranoid psychotic thought; somebody was lying, they were all lying, there was a plot against him… Some mysterious and elusive they was conspiring against him.

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