Aerobics instructor manual: the resource for fitness by Robert L. Goldstein, Richard T. Cotton

By Robert L. Goldstein, Richard T. Cotton

Aerobics teacher handbook: The source for crew health teachers.

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Muscular hypertrophy is a general increase in the size or diameter of muscle cells. Specifically, muscular hypertrophy is the result of an increase in the muscle's content of contractile proteins. Strength training stimulates a proliferation of myosin and actin myofilaments within the myofibrils. Since strength training is largely performed by the FT fibers, these are the fibers most capable of hypertrophy. People with unusually large, muscular builds very likely have a high percentage of FT fibers.

A static stretch position should be held for 30 to 60 seconds to achieve optimal results. Static stretching is best characterized as low-force, long-duration stretching, and has repeatedly been shown to produce good results with little muscle soreness. In fact, static stretching is commonly used to reduce muscle soreness. Little risk of physical injury exists if static stretching is performed as described. Dynamic or ballistic stretching is characterized by rhythmic bobbing or bouncing motions representing relatively high-force, short-duration movements.

Ed. of: Aerobic dance-exercise instructor manual. c1987. Includes bibliographical references and index. 95 1. Aerobic dancingStudy and teachingHandbooks, manuals, etc. 2. Aerobic exercisesStudy and teachingHandbooks, manuals, etc. I. Cotton, Richard T. (Richard Thomas), 1951- . II. Goldstein, Robert l. (Robert Louis), 1946- . III. Aerobic dance-exercise instructor manual. 7'1dc2093-28250 CIP ISBN 0-9618161-3-9 Copyright 1993, 1997 by American Council on ExerciseÒ (ACEÒ). Printed in United States of America.

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