Advances in Molecular and Cell Biology by E. Edward Bittar (Eds.)

By E. Edward Bittar (Eds.)

The fourth quantity of the ''Advances in Molecular and mobilephone Biology'' sequence. mobilephone biology is a rapidly-developing self-discipline, bringing jointly many separate organic sciences. The interrelations of telephone constitution and serve as at molecular and subcellular degrees are the critical subject of the sequence

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What Fawcett was referring to was the elaborately complex conglomeration of fibrous and granular structures seen in glutaraldeyde fixed, thin sectioned electron microscopic studies of mammalian nuclei in whole cells (Figure la). Although unstructured, soluble proteins are certainly a component, it is an oversimplification to characterize this region of the nucleus as diffuse chromatin (transcriptionally active euchromatin) immersed in a homogeneous nuclear sap. Subsequently, new staining procedures such as EDTA regressive staining and the Feulgen-like osmium-ammine reaction revealed that the diffuse chromatin was only a minor component of the visible structure in the matrix region of the nucleus.

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