Acacia Mangium: Growing and Utilization by Kamis Awang, Davis Taylor (eds)

By Kamis Awang, Davis Taylor (eds)

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7. Anthesis of A. r ~ n g i u n l (Stage 4). Phoro: ZaJraria Ibrahim. Mowers shedding and tunling brown (Stage 5 ) . Phoro: Zaltaria Ibrahim. 8. 8) and the change of their color to brown. Stage 6 This is followed by shedding of flowers from the spike; eventually the spike aborts. Flowering Phenology Flowering in acacias is precocious. A. mnrlgium starts to flower and produce seeds 18-20 months after planting (NAS 1983). In Australia a single major peak of flowering occurs between March and May (Sedgley et al.

A large expansion in A. r~rtrrrgircnrplanlarions is anriciparcd in 111c ncxl lcw years. Summary A. nrtrrrgi~er~l can grow sarisl'acrorily o n orhcrwisc ~ n p r o d u c l i \ ~silcs. c and is parlicularly suilcd lor conlrolling soil erosion and weeds in arcas heavily inl'cslcd will1 Irnpor-trrtr grass. Its wood is used lor pulp, sawn rinihcr. chips. and l'uclwood. 11s nalural disrrihulion srrclclics from rl~cislands of Sula. C c r a ~ nanti , Aru in Indonesia. Ihrough tlic b'cslcrn I'rovincc o r I'apua New Gui nca, lo norrhcaslcrn Quccnsland.

Sahalr. Malaysla: Forest Kesearch Centre Tanaka, Z 1882. Bull. Jopanese For. Assoc. 7. ~ 7harn. C. 1976. Intrrxludron to plantation species - Acocio nuur~iumWilld. Malnvsu~t~ Forrsrn Confrre~rcc, I 1 - 17 Octoher 1976. Kuclring, Sarawak: Malaysra; 153- 158. orest Departnrrnt . 1979. Accici~~ nwrglunr Willd. h e s t Cienel~cKesource Infornlat~onSo. 9. 33-35. Rorrrc: FAO. I urnhull. W.. S. Martensz, antl N. Hall. 1986. Soles on lesser-known Australran trees and shruhs wllh potrnt~alfor fuelwood antl agroforesrry.

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