A woman's guide to muscle and strength by Irene Lewis-McCormick

By Irene Lewis-McCormick

Outlines a coaching routine designed in particular for ladies and comprises workouts for every sector of the physique in addition to prompt exercise session schedules.

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Those with flat or fallen arches) tend to roll the ankle too far inward. , those with high arches and stiff feet) don’t have enough flexion in their stride. Ankle and arch issues permeate all sports, so have an expert watch you as you walk and, if possible, your running stride. If you have high arches, investigate cushioning shoes. These shoes are built on a curved last, with padding in the heel or under the ball of the foot (or both places) to encourage a rolling motion through the heel strike to the ball push-off.

Body Image Your body image is the conception or picture that you have of your own body. We are not born with a body image. The way we feel about how we look is learned and influenced by family, friends, and the media. It is also influenced either positively or negatively by our race and gender and the culture in which we are raised. Research by the American College of Sports Medicine (2007) has shown that a negative body image is linked to serious health and emotional problems. People with poor body image are more likely than those with good body image to experience depression, disordered eating, and anxiety disorders.

By developing a keener awareness of your posture, you can identify areas of your body that need increased strength and flexibility. Additionally, choosing the right strength training equipment will promote muscle balance and increase your overall physical function. This chapter examines the essentials of excellent strength training by looking closely at chronic poor posture and how it affects you, as well as techniques you can use to improve your posture. It also outlines strength training equipment and exercise options and helps you choose exercises based on your goals and the equipment available to you.

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