A Weberian Analysis of Business Groups and Financial Markets by Sandro Segre

By Sandro Segre

Ethical economic system, as a collection of principles which control marketplace transactions, has been the article of a lot examine and debate because the 1980's. Classical sociological authors similar to Weber, Simmel, and Toennies additionally handled this topic, notwithstanding Weber particularly dwelt at the principles of the ethical financial system within the monetary markets. This paintings sheds gentle on Weber's contribution, as unique from these of Simmel and Toennies, formulating versions of industrial family members, one oligopolistic and the opposite in response to loose festival, and indicates the results on competitiveness on this planet marketplace that move from the superiority of the single version or the opposite. The behavior of actors in monetary markets can be accounted for, making connection with Weber's writings at the London and Berlin inventory Exchanges, and to investigations on modern monetary markets

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Also, a comparison with other explanations stressed by the World Bank and compatible with the so-called modernization theory—such as “efforts to improve the institutional framework for capital market development” (Page 1993)—is absent. How a relative inequality as a development factor is connected with other factors, which the World Bank also considers relevant, remains therefore not ascertained. A different explanation of economic development in Taiwan and South Korea, drawn from a modified version of dependency theory, has also been put forward.

Furthermore, a successful adaptation of the size, or of the strategy, does not mean that it has been rationally pursued. Moreover, it has been found that there is a positive correlation between some individually considered structural characteristics, and the performance of an organization, identified by the achievement of organizational aims. For example, when the environment is stable, and hence, predictable, a marked division of organizational tasks in specialized units and a centralized authority can give the best results for the organization.

To the extent that these characteristics of organizational practices and business networks are present, and therefore Taiwan approximates to one model of business relations and South Korea to the other, the boundaries of their respective business milieux, organizational populations and fields are clearly established. Trust and personal relations maintain their importance in both models. Still, the different comprehensiveness of their organizational populations and fields, and the different extension of mutual trust within them affect their ability to compete and survive in the international economic environment, as will be shown in the following chapter.

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