A Royal Bride At The Sheikh's Command (Harlequin Large Print by Penny Jordan

By Penny Jordan

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She had no idea why she should feel this instinctive awareness of a need to protect herself from him. Don’t you? an inner voice taunted her. Take a good look at him—that should tell you. No woman with red blood in her veins could fail to be affected by his maleness, especially not one who has just agreed to a passionless dynastic marriage. Was that it? Was her unexpected and definitely unwanted reaction to him solely some unfamiliar last-minute and reckless desire to rebel against her own decision; a reminder by her senses of just what she would be giving up?

I have kept an interest in his world over the years and I understand that King Giorgio is in despair because he does not have a direct male heir to inherit the throne from him. You are his son, Kadir. Your rightful place is on the throne of Niroli, not here in Hadiya where I have always known you have never quite felt at home. Oh, you have tried, but I have seen your impatience with our ways, and your desire to live a different kind of life. ’ ‘If by that you mean that I resent the paying of large bribes to already wealthy men when the poorest of our world go without, then, yes, I do grow impatient,’ he had agreed tersely.

What would catch her eye on this visit? she wondered. It was part of the game not to anticipate what she would choose, but simply to let it happen. As she crossed the square she had seen earlier she realised that she was following in the footsteps of the man she had watched from the water taxi. Now what had brought him into her thoughts? Not some ridiculous idea that she might see him again? After the dismissive look he had given her? When she was almost on the eve of getting married? Fantasizing about tall, handsome men glimpsed in the street hadn’t been a folly she had indulged in even when she was a teenager.

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