A History of Rome through the Fifth Century: Volume II: The by Editor Jones A.H.M.

By Editor Jones A.H.M.

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2. And that he may convene the senate, make or withdraw a motion, and make a resolution of the senate by motion and division, as was permitted to the deified Augustus, Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus, and Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, and that when the senate is convened by his wish and authority or order or command or in his presence, all the proceedings shall be deemed to be legal and maintained just as if the senate had been convened and summoned according to law. 3. And that whomsoever he has commended to the senate and Roman people as candidates for any magistracy, office, command, or administration of any matter and to whomsoever he has given or promised his support, that at the several elections the candidatures of such persons shall be given special consideration.

What was emphasized, however, was the restoration of the republic, and this passage shows how successful the change was as a propaganda move among the Italian upper class from which V elleius came. c. ( cf. No. 4). 2. Velleius Paterculus, II. 89 WHEN CAEsAR returned to Italy and the city, the concourse and applause whereby he was greeted by all men, ages, and ranks, and the magnificence of his triumphs and his games could not be worthily expressed in a regular historical work, much less in this brief summary.

At once they saw to it that twice as much pay was voted to the men who were to compose his bodyguard as to the rest of the soldiers, that this might incite the men to keep a careful watch of him. Then he began to show a real interest in setting up a monarchy. In this way he had his headship ratified by the senate and the people. As he wished even so to appear to be republican in principle, he accepted all the care and superintendence of public business on the ground that it required expert attention, but said that he would not personally govern all the provinces and those that he did govern he would not keep in his charge perpetually.

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