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N. 6 Typeset: x ∧ (y ∨ z) = (x ∧ y) ∨ (x ∧ z). 7 Typeset: 2 + 4 + 6 + · · · + 2n = n(n + 1). A relation indicates a property of two mathematical objects. We already know how to show two objects equal, or how to show one number less than or greater than another number (since these are symbols on most terminal keyboards). To negate a relation, the control word \not is put in front of the relation. Here are some relations: 36 TEXbook: 436 A TEX intro (Canadian spelling) Section 5: No math anxiety here!

Hence $$ x+y=z. \eqno (1)$$ yields x + y = z. (1) To number an equation at the left margin, use \leqno in place of \eqno. It’s possible to number aligned equations by using the control word \eqalignno. The alignment character & is used to separate the equation from the equation number. $$\eqalignno{ a+b &= c+d & (1) \cr x &= w + y + z \cr m + n + o + p &= q & * \cr }$$ yields a+b=c+d x=w+y+z m+n+o+p=q Use \leqalignno to put the equation numbers on the left. 46 (1) ∗ TEXbook: 192–193 A TEX intro (Canadian spelling) Section 5: No math anxiety here!

9 What happens with the following input: \line{\hskip 1 in ONE \hfil TWO \hfil THREE} The right justification can be canceled by using the control word \raggedright. 5 Footnotes The general pattern to make footnotes using TEX is \footnote{. }{. }. The footnote mark goes in between the first set of braces. Some available marks are \dag (†), \ddag (‡), \S (§), and \P (¶). The text of the footnote goes between the second set of braces. The use of numbers as marks is a little less straightforward. } after the word “footnote” in the text.

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